I am so exhausted from the excitement of what can be.


Yesterday, on my Facebook page, I shared a link to a documentary called The Global Generation about Lake Forest Academy where I work and my son Jacob went to school.  I mentioned that I hoped after watching the documentary that you would be able to understand why I am so passionate about my place of employment and my hope for peace and harmony within our world.

In watching our students talking about how they found friends from around the globe and discovered that they were so similar yet different.  It made me think about how, as an Admin, we interact with many people during the day who are the same yet different.  I thought I would reflect on the wise words of the students and apply them to our outstanding profession in our efforts to #LeadUp. (IAAP Summit 2018)

Understanding and Appreciation for all.  Everyone has something to offer.  We should encourage others and “celebrate the intersection of all our stories”.  Help your executive to see what you bring to the table and BRING IT!!!!  If we do not open up, we will not be heard.  In this same manner, listen to what your executive is saying.  Not in just their words, but in their actions.  And don’t forget your co-workers.

Cultivate a community “where human differences are acknowledged, respected valued and viewed as essential”.  We can be the change that is needed.  We are miracle workers who have power that we do not realize we have OR we realize we have it, but others do not.  Once again, it is our responsibility to #LeadUp and show how to acknowledge, respect, value and view as essential all members of our team, employer and our profession.

“We will become stronger if we become closer as a global community”.  As Admins, we need to build each other up.  We need to help each other to achieve our goals.  If I should help you achieve your goals, it is a step closer that I and all other Admins will be to our own goals.  And as an Admin who has been around the block a few times, I want to help bring our community closer for the future of our profession.  “The challenges we face empower us.”Lets become stronger together!!!

“Education is the key to becoming a better human being.  Dig deep!!!!”  “Generalizations are based on a lack of first-hand knowledge”.  Would you listen to these students?!?!  They are begging for us to set the stage for them to come in and rule the world!!!  Do you see yourself in these words?  Trying to make a difference as an Admin?  Trying to change the culture of where we have been and where we know we should be?  Be the change!!!

I am so grateful for my relationships with Admins from across the globe.  I am in awe of these Admins as well as those that are in other industries within a few steps from my front door .  I am so eager to learn from all Admins who are different from me.  No matter what business your employer is in, or where your office is located, Admins perform many similar tasks.  We can learn so much from each other, please share yourself with others.  Be kind and offer to help those who are unfamiliar with our profession.  Speak up, my friends . . . #LeadUp!!!!

In my initial blog post and in my “About” section on this blog, I mentioned how I am on a journey to change the world.  Please, PLEASE, join me.  Teach me, show me, walk along side me as we take this journey together.  Thank you.


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