Professional Development is the key to your success!


A few weeks back, I wrote a blogpost on AI and how we as a profession cannot be replaced by AI therefore we should not fear it.  That being said, we will not go very far on our good looks and charm.  Professional Development is the key and there are many ways to obtain knowledge so that we grow in our positions.  Here are a few ways that I have incorporated Professional Development.

  1. I went back to school at obtained my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. I know that this is not an avenue for everyone, but I know that I am currently contemplating taking a class or two at my local community college on writing and maybe a language.  Many high schools in my area also have night classes that offer fun classes as well as traditional subjects.  Park districts and libraries also offer single evening courses on varying topics.  Come up with something you would like to learn and research where it is being taught.  You will get hooked on continuing education.  It is addictive!!!
  2. I became certified as an Administrative Professional. Depending on your industry, there are many ways to become certified.  After researching a few options, I chose to go for the CAP (Certified Administrative Professional) designation from the International Association of Administrative Professionals.  I joined a study group that met once a week for 15 weeks and then sat for the 3 hour exam.  It was hard work, but I learned so many things that I was able to use right away in my office.  There are other Administrative certifications such as the World Class Assistant from Office Dynamics and the Professional Administrative Certificate of Excellence from American Society of Administrative Professionals just to name a few.
  3. I searched the internet for webinars and seminars. Whatever your interests are, there is someone who can help you understand and excel at it.  Here are a few of my favorites:  Joan Burge and Office Dynamics, Lucy Brazier and Executive Secretary Live, Bonnie Low Kramen, Vickie Sokol Evans, Peggy Vasquez, Chrissy Scivicque, Melissa Esquibel, Rhonda Scharf, Sandy Geroux, Julie Perrine, Colette Carlson, Courtney Clark and Marie Herman to name a few.
  4. There is also in-house training. Does your employer offer training in house, or can you organize a lunch-and-learn with your fellow admins?  You will be amazed at what you can learn from others in your organization.  SCORE!!!!
  5. And of course I cannot forget my favorite PPD (professional and personal development) Books and blogs. Many of the people I mentioned in item number three (3) above have books they have authored and/or blogs with magnificent posts that cover the gambit of an Admin’s career.  Here are a few more:    A CEO’s Secret Weapon by Jan Jones, The Definitive Executive Assistant & Managerial Handbook by Sue France, Office Pro Magazine a monthly publication by IAAP, Executive Secretary magazine published bi-monthly, and blogs – Desk Demon, Office Ninjas, Exceptional EA, Practically Perfect PA, Audacious Admin and Executive Leadership Support Forum.

There is so much out there for us to continue growing our knowledge base.  If you take advantage of just one of the suggestions I made here, you will make yourself more valuable to your employer and more marketable in the workforce.  Whatever you decide, I am here for you (as are most of the people I have created links for above) and happy to answer any questions, you might have.


Here’s to your Professional Development.  Cheers!!!


4 thoughts on “Professional Development is the key to your success!

  1. Many Congratulations Jackie on your new role in IAAP and thank you for mentioning me in your blog. I agree wholeheartedly that we all need life long learning especially in this 4th revolution of work and also for our brain’s sake to keep it working and growing. In this regard I would like to offer 20% off both of my books “The Definitive Personal Assistant & Secretarial Handbook” (3rd edition including neuroscience) and “The Definitive Executive Assistant & Managerial Handbook”. All you have to do is put the word FAVOUR (in caps and spelt British English way) in the code box at Keep in touch. Warm regards Sue


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