How to find a Conference

meeting-83519_1920I am a HUGE fan of professional development!  If you do not believe me, read every blog post I have ever written, or have a conversation with me about how to . . . fill in the blank.  Looking to improve yourself?  Seek out professional development.  Want to get ahead in your career? Seek out professional development.  Need to solve an issue you have been wrestling with? Say it with me;  seek out professional development.

Professional Development comes in many forms: books, magazines, newspapers, blog posts, podcasts, webinars, networking to name a few.  In this blog post I would like to list for you some conferences that you might find of interest.

There are many different kinds of professional development/seminars/conferences that you can attend:

Subject specific seminars – I attended a two day conference on Microsoft Excel.  It was an intense program on learning everything you would want and need to know about using Excel.  Here are a few that I have been looking at:

Developing Emotional Intelligence by Fred Pryor Seminars

Management Skills for Administrative Professionals by American Management Association

FranklinCovey On Leadership World Tour

Industry specific – I attended a conference two summers ago put on by ISACS (Independent Schools Association of the Central States).  It was specific to the type of school that I work at and was geared towards Admins.  I met some of my inner circle members at this conference.

Administrative Professional specific – This is the type of conference that I enjoy most.  There is usually a theme to the conference, the presenters speak about pertinent subjects that they tie into the theme and are relatable to our day-to-day experiences and the networking is amazing!  In a previous post, I shared that I attended the IAAP Summit this past July.  I am still, four months later, so very pumped about the information I obtained at Summit and continue to put into use the lessons that I learned.  Here are some excellent conferences that are geared specifically for the Admin:

Executive Secretary Live put on by Executive Secretary Magazine

Behind Every Leader Conference by Executive Assistants Organization

Executive Leadership Support Summit by Q1 Productions

The Conference for Administrative Excellence by Office Dynamics International

Administrative Professional Conference and Executive Assistants’ Summit put on by American Society of Administrative Professionals

Be the Ultimate Assistant by Bonnie Low-Kramen

IAAP Summit and CAPstone organized by International Association of Administrative Professionals

The Indispensible Assistant organized by SkillPath

Admin Bash or Admingling Event Series organized by Office Ninja

Admin Pro Forum organized by Business Management Daily

I am sure there are many more conferences that I did not mention.  If you have attended a conference, or are interested in a conference that is appropriate for someone in the Administrative Profession, please leave a comment below.

Next week, I will blog about ways to go about getting approval for your professional development.

Until then, have a lovely week!


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