Getting approval for your Professional Development

approval-15914_1920So now that you know some of the many opportunities that are out there for your professional development, you need to choose one and begin the process of getting approval and funding to attend.  Many of the conferences I listed in my last blog post, How to find a conference, have letters or templates for you to customize.   To start with your request, you should list the name of the conference, where it is located and the dates of the conference.  Here are some ideas for putting together your proposal:

Figure out the entire cost  It is important to include everything you will need to attend.  Here are some important costs that you will want to include:

Cost of the event

Airline travel (if applicable)

Accommodations including the price per night (including taxes and any other add ons)and how many nights you will be staying

Ground Transportation including cost of getting to and from the airport from/to your home, getting to and from the hotel from/to the airport and any type of transportation needs you might have during the conference such as cab/Uber fare to a restaurant.

Meals not included in the conference cost or by hotel, coffee from Starbucks in the morning or snacks to keep you going through the afternoon.

List the speakers and their topics  Write a sentence or two on how this topic would be relatable to you AND how your executive or organization will benefit from you attending this topic.  If it is a conference were you can choose from several speakers during specific times, list what you would like to attend and be open for discussion of what your executive might like you to attend.

Offer to share what you have learned  What executive wouldn’t like to get a 2-for-1 bang for their buck?  Here are two ways to share your knowledge:

Upon your return you can put together a lunch and learn to share what you learned with other Admins in your organization.

Offer to write a synopsis of what you learned to share with other Admins if you are uncomfortable speaking.

It is important that YOU take charge of your professional development.  If a conference is what you desire, work with your executive to obtain approval.  Upon your return, implement as many new practices immediately and let your executive know that this is what you learned at the conference.  Heck, take a few minutes during the conference to write your executive to say what you are learning, how you will implement and make sure to thank them for this most amazing opportunity.

Do you have any suggestions on how you were able to obtain approval for professional development?  Please share with us all.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American Admins.


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