Not at 100%


I have to be honest, I am not at a 100% today and have not been since before Thanksgiving.  I am not sure why, but I am just not “on”.  I read recently that we go through ebbs and flows in our lives, but I do not like the feeling of not being my usual self.

I especially do not like feeling this way at work.  Just going through the motions, not being totally engaged is not how I want to be perceived . . . ever!  So to make sure that I do not stay in this funk, or slip further into mental distraught, I try to keep a few things in mind.

Positive Attitude – Even thought I am not my happy go lucky self, I still do my best to be kind to others and keep a positive attitude about my work and dealings with others.  It is hard to stay in a funk if you are smiling.

Keep Busy – I like to keep myself busy with tasks that do not need me to be super focused or analytical.  Tackling the filing, cleaning out my inbox or organizing the supply cabinet are not the most glamorous tasks, but accomplishing these items gives you the satisfaction of checking them off your to do list and they do not require you to be deeply engaged.

Journal – Writing down three or more things that I am grateful for or that happened to me during the day that made me feel good, is such a small thing to do.  That being said, journaling these positive things can have a major impact on my attitude which will bring me full circle to working my way back to 100% me!

How do you turn your frown upside down?  Please share so that we may all learn from your insight.

Have a wonderful week.


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